COMFORT FOR KIDS' WAGON, full of small, age appropriate toys, can be found in areas of Baystate Franklin Medical Center where children might go for tests or treatment. Presently, Comfort for Kids’ Wagons are located in the Emergency Department, Radiology, Surgery and the Outpatient Lab.

We all know how frightened kids are in the hospital environment. Any level of added comfort means a great deal to our children. Comfort for Kids' Wagon allows kids to pick and keep the toy. This wonderful program is meant to distract kids from pain and anxiety as well as leave them with a good outcome so they are not so afraid of hospitals..

From December 1st until December 22nd, Franklin First FCU will place collection jars at our teller counters. Any donation is greatly appreciated. All of the money donated will go to BFMC for the Comfort for Kids' Wagons.



Congratulations to our scholarship winners!

A total of $5,000 was awarded in scholarships in 2012 to the following students:

- Jolina-Rose Blier, attending Western New England University
- Emmalouise St. Amand, a student at Ithaca College
- Benjamin Lawton, attending Greenfield Community College
- Briana Cooley, also attending GCC
- Abraham Margosian, a student at the New England Institute of Art

Jesse McMillan, pursuing a BSA at MCLA
Jesse was named the winner of our “Ari Brown-Weeks” scholarship. Franklin First presents this award annually to the top scoring applicant in our annual scholarship program who most closely emulates Ari’s qualities. Ari was a member of Franklin First, and a young man who gave his life for his country in the war in Iraq. This scholarship commemorates the ultimate in dedication, service and commitment.