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Franklin First began in 1958 as four separate credit unions: Franklin County Public Hospital FCU, Franklin County Teachers FCU, Lunt Silversmiths, and Greenfield Tap & Die Credit Union.  As the years went on, they became united by common goals and the desire to offer updated services for their members.  The credit unions applied for community charter status with the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) in 2000, just five years after the Newton Street location was built.  We currently serve over 7,000 members with the number increasing each year.  With expansion comes our continued commitment to better serve our members’ needs, integrate the newest technologies and resources, and deliver the best in customer service.

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Experience the Credit Union Difference

As a credit union, Franklin First is a not-for-profit financial cooperative owned and operated by our members.  With Franklin First, you become a cooperative owner, not just another account number. 

There are many benefits for being a part of a credit union rather than a bank:

  • Credit unions are member owned. If you have an account with Franklin First, you are a part owner in the business.
  • We are insured by the National Credit Union Administration and are democratically controlled by our members.  Members have more say in how Franklin First is run over a regular bank.  And, members hold decision-making power.
  • Members elect a Board of Directors, rather than hiring individuals to fill these positions.  Franklin First board members are chosen to fully represent the members in making decisions and upholding policies. A member’s voice is always heard, and your interests come first. 
  • Unlike banks, credit unions are not-for-profit, therefore, interest rates tend to be significantly better with fewer fees. Your financial well-being comes first and you can rest assured that when you become a member of Franklin First, your money stays within the local communities.
  • Franklin First has one select location, which means our members receive superior customer service from our friendly staff.

Membership Requirements

Franklin First’s charter allows anyone to join who lives, works, worships or goes to school in Franklin County, Massachusetts.  Once you join you may always remain a member as long as you maintain the minimum balance of one share, even if you move away.  In addition, once you become a member of Franklin First, any person in your immediate family is eligible to join. 

Contact Us to learn more about our incredible credit union!

To report a lost or stolen Franklin First VISA credit card, call: (800) 449-7728From outside the U.S. call: (727) 299-2449.

To report a lost or stolen Franklin First ATM or Debit/Check Card during regular business hours call: (413) 774-6700.  After hours call: (800) 472-3272