Franklin First Federal Credit Union has a variety of loans to meet your needs because we want to help finance your dreams.  Whether you’re buying or refinancing a home, looking for a vehicle, planning a vacation, or need a great rate on a credit card, our knowledgeable staff works with you to help find the right loan.  All loan statements are available through our Online Banking.  Simply login, click on the eDocuments tab, and click on the link to view your statements. 

We are excited to partner with Newtek Business Services Corp to provide our Business Customers with options to expand and improve their businesses. Follow the link below for more information on how we can help.


Looking for a new or used auto loan? Looking to refinance existing loan you have from another financial institution? Choose Franklin First!  Get a great rate, beat the dealer financing, and take advantage of cash back dealer incentives. We offer up to 100% financing (of the NADA book value) with a variety of terms and special programs to fit your budget.

Finding and securing the best possible deal on your vehicle can be stressful. By using Franklin First’s low rates, flexible terms, and expedient processing, we take the stress out of getting the best vehicle loan.

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Franklin First offers a full array of real estate loan products designed for every dream and budget. 

  • Home Mortgage Loans: Find the home loan with terms that are right for you. Apply Now!
  • Government Insured Loans/Rehab Loans: Purchases or refinances available for members with lower FICO scores and higher Loan-To-Value (LTV).  Apply Now!
  • Veterans Administration Mortgages: 30-year fixed rates, 100% financing, no private mortgage insurance, available on purchases and 90% LTV cash out. Apply Now!
  • Reverse Mortgages: A valuable financial tool for seniors 62 and older. Apply Now!
  • Home Equity Loans: Use equity you have built up in your home for just about anything with low rates and no closing costs. Apply Now!
  • Home Equity Line of Credit: Open a line of credit secured by your home that gives you a revolving credit line to use for large expenses or to consolidate higher-interest rate debt on other loans.  Max term is 5-year draw period with 15-year amortized payment term.  Plus, if your initial draw is over $25,000, we’ll waive the closing costs. Access the funds anytime you need them.  HELOC Disclosure | Apply Now!
  • Home Improvement Loans: An ideal loan for repairs or remodelling up to $25,000.  Member is responsible for providing a materials list or contract quote which satisfies Franklin First’s requirements. Apply Now!


Allanach/Mortgage Group Corporation , MA MC2894, CT ML2894, FL MLD1444, GA 65192, NH 5616-MB, RI 20051935LB, SC 2894, VT 1463 MB

Your VISA card costs less at Franklin First as we offer:

  • No annual fee.
  • Low interest rate for purchases.
  • Cash Advance Fee of $10.00 or 3% of the amount of each cash advance, whichever is greater.
  • Full suite of travel benefits at no additional cost.
  • Earn points for every purchase made.
  • Check your VISA balance, available credit line, or make a payment 24/7.

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Simplifying your budget and take advantage of special pricing while keeping overall costs low. 

If you have the option of prepaying your heating bill to take advantage of lower pricing or can spread your payments out to lower the monthly cost, our Fuel Assistance Loan may be the perfect choice for you and your household. 

Looking for a home heating and energy options? Learn more about our home energy partner Sandri Energy.

Personal Loan: 

To be used for a variety of things such as bill consolidation, appliances, vacations, car repairs, weddings, medical bills, and more. 

Education Loan - Our Partnership with Sallie Mae:

Choose the student loan that is right for you. Apply Now!

Heat Loan: 

Franklin First partners with MassSave to offer our members 0% APR financing on home energy improvements including attic, wall, and basement insulation, high efficiency heating systems, high efficiency domestic hot water systems, solar hot water systems, Energy Star® windows, and Energy Star® Thermostats.  All loans are subject to a free energy assessment.  

Solar Loan:

Looking for an affordable clean energy option?  A residential solar installation may be a great option.  Features include: 

  • $3,000 to $75,000 loans.
  • No closing costs.
  • Standard repayment term up to 15 years.
  • Current interest rate of 4.99% APR.
  • Up to 12 months of interest-only payments during construction.
  • Unsecured loans available.
  • Ability to re-amortize within the first 18 months at no cost.

How Does Financing Work?

  • Receive a solar price quote from Solar Loan installer. 
  • Select an installer and sign a solar installation contract.
  • Work with Franklin First to complete your loan application.
  • When your loan closes, we will advance you 65% of the loan to cover initial construction costs.
  • After your solar system is connected by your utility, you will receive the remainder of your loan from your lender.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Only solar electric (photovoltaic) systems owned by the resident are eligible.
  • Third-party lease or power purchase agreements for solar are NOT eligible.
  • Loan recipients must be Massachusetts residential property owners or Massachusetts residents.
  • Loan recipients must meet lender-defined loan qualification standards.
  • Solar electric systems must be connected to the electricity distribution grid.
  • Solar electric systems may not have previously received incentives from the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center.

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A Certificate Secured Loan is a loan that is secured by the amount available on deposit in the borrower’s share (savings) account.  Funds are kept in the share for a specific period of time based on the terms of the loan.  It essentially uses your savings as collateral.  A secured loan provides a way to build a good credit score and work much like a personal loan to help you with a variety of expenses.  Contact Us to learn more about our Share/Certificate Secured Loans or Apply Now.  

To report a lost or stolen Franklin First VISA credit card, call: (800) 449-7728From outside the U.S. call: (727) 299-2449.

To report a lost or stolen Franklin First ATM or Debit/Check Card during regular business hours call: (413) 774-6700.  After hours call: (800) 472-3272