Other Loans

Personal Loan: 

To be used for a variety of things such as bill consolidation, appliances, vacations, car repairs, weddings, medical bills, and more. 

Education Loan - Our Partnership with Sallie Mae

Choose the student loan that is right for you. Apply Now!

Heat Loan: 

Franklin First partners with MassSave to offer our members 0% APR financing on home energy improvements including attic, wall, and basement insulation, high efficiency heating systems, high efficiency domestic hot water systems, solar hot water systems, Energy StarĀ® windows, and Energy StarĀ® Thermostats.  All loans are subject to a free energy assessment.  

Fuel Assistance Loans:

Simplifying your budget and take advantage of special pricing while keeping overall costs low. 

If you have the option of prepaying your heating bill to take advantage of lower pricing or can spread your payments out to lower the monthly cost, our Fuel Assistance Loan may be the perfect choice for you and your household. 

Looking for a home heating and energy options? Learn more about our home energy partner Sandri Energy.

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